FloodGate Medical Webinars

Over the last few months, we have had the opportunity to interview some medical device industry experts that have a ton of relevant information and insights to share with us all.

If you missed the live interviews, make sure to catch up on the ones below!

Building a Successful Career as a Leader in MedTech

We met with Mike Mogul, President of Healthpoint Capital, the leading private equity firm exclusively focused on the Musculoskeletal sector. With much of his career spent as the President and CEO at DJO, and as President of Stryker, Mike brings with him a wealth of knowledge about how to build a career as a successful leader in the MedTech space.

He shared information about his successful career, what he attributes to that success, advice for aspiring managers and leaders, and lessons he’s learned along the way!

How Connected Care is Changing Healthcare

There is no question that connected care is changing the way healthcare is being done. Join us for a discussion with two companies that are leading the charge when it comes to this change in healthcare. We had a chance to chat with Tom Layne, VP of Sales for Masimo, and John Bernot, MD, CMO of Bravado Health, and will be covering the extremely relevant topic of telehealth and the impact it has had on the way we have accessed and received care in 2020 and will continue on into the future.

The New Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Better Leader

We’re back with Brian Sullivan, CSP discussing The New Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Better Leader: how to better prepare and stay focused during coaching sessions, how to track the performance of your team, yourself as their leader… and more all while working remotely!

Check out our conversation with Brian Sullivan, President of PRECISE Selling. We discuss how to improve the way you are selling from home, how to create more engagement when cold calling to generate sales and how to master the virtual presentation. 

Gain a ton of interesting insights from industry expert and VP of Marketing, Marcus Girolamo, about all things marketing post-COVID, which marketing fundamentals will stay the same, what will change going forward, where we plan to see sales on the rise, and what to expect industrywide after the COVID-19 crisis has passed.

Check out our interactive interview with Steve Ingel, EVP of Healthcare Solutions at DJO Global, and recent recipient of the Edison Award for Innovation for their MotionMD Software Platform. Steve is a medical device industry expert with 30+ years of experience, with 22 of those years working with the DJO Global organization. These years of success include years of success leading sales, marketing, R&D, national accounts, healthcare solutions, payer development, and 3rd party reimbursements, all to their peak potential.